Hey, I'm Caleb.

I help new entrepreneurs develop smart business strategies and clear processes to grow their businesses so they can have peace, not worry.

I started my first business when I was just 23 and I learned most of my lessons the hard way. I've wasted countless hours and dollars focusing on the wrong areas — falling victim to many of the classic pitfalls of a young creative entrepreneur: imposter syndrome, insecurity, overspending. Investing my time and money in the flashy stuff  — thinking it will attract better clients — and neglecting the things that will actually lead to growth.

More than anything, running a business is a constant mental battle. My biggest obstacle for so many years was myself. When I wasn't feeling the "highs," I would panic and make stupid decisions — taking on debt, making bad deals. I was desperate to make a dollar! I had no process. My business was at the mercy of external factors, and however I happened to be feeling on any given day.

Through trial and error, a bit of luck, lots of grit, and a ton of time, I was eventually able to develop an actual strategy for my business. Some core themes that runs through everything I do. I identified the activities that lead to success and became laser-focused on developing processes around them. With a clear process to fall back on, I started investing my time and resources fiercely in just a few ultra-high-payoff activities and quit worrying about the fluff. 

Today, I operate a business that is enjoyable, consistent and profitable —and I want that for you too, only I want you to get there way faster than I did.

If you're a humble, coachable entrepreneur in the first few years of business, we should talk.